FL18 Gpower Anti-corrosion Premium LED Sports Light

Gpower is a premium 600W floodlight,100% flicker-free, supports HDTV live broadcasting, ideal for use at the larger soccer field, stadiums, etc. It has a huge advantage for high pole mounting where requires precise lighting performance on every position on the ground. Thanks to AGC’s professional optic design, the lighting distribution available in 10deg, this fixture can bolt on a visor to minimize glare and can be adjusted vertically also horizontally, which makes sure each place has enough lighting, finally bring you a fantastic lighting uniformity. Gpower helps to do some big projects!

  • All into one, cold-forging technology heat sink with good heat dissipation.
  • High system efficiency 140lm/W, lumen package up to 84000lm.
  • Precise lighting distribution 10°/30° to offer excellent light pollution control.
  • Bracket with universal angle adjustment by horizontally and vertically.
  • Strong anti-corrosion, fixture body handed by electrophoresis and powder coating.
  • Quick install and efficient maintenance, driver box can be fixed together with the body or put aside.